Art making is an essential practice that can support our positivity and sense of wellbeing, expand our awareness open ourselves to kindness and self-compassion, and deepen our connection to ourselves and others.

In February 2013 I participated in The Art Therapy +Happiness Project which provided a unique opportunity to learn and use strengths to flourish. The project, inspired by art therapists Cathy Malchiodi (USA) and Janet McLeod (New Zealand) included art therapy concepts, activities and techniques for personal growth, insight and transformation.

The focus was on “The Circle of Post-traumatic Success” as a way to stimulate art making activities and creative self-expression. Activities were inspired by the four parts of the circle ~ Connection, Compassion, Contribution and Courage ~ and how these four concepts can be Creative pathways to positivity, transformation and well-being through a variety of art making prompts and techniques.

 Art Therapy – Happiness Project