Barbara E. Miller


BA (Psych) BA (Adult Ed) Grad Dip (App Psych)
Psychologist (Nonpracticing)

Barbara is an organisational psychologist, trainer and life coach who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Australian National University, a Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education and Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology from the University of Canberra.

Her background is grounded in the realities of life experience and the business world. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), College of Organisational Psychologists (COP) and the APS Interest Group in Coaching Psychology (IGCP).


Having left school at the age of fifteen with no tertiary qualifications, Barbara returned to study while her three children were growing up and completed the Higher School Certificate as a mature-age student qualifying in the top 5% of the state.

After graduating from University, she worked in the retail industry, as a marketing manager with a multi-national corporation then became a teacher with the Canberra Institute of Technology where she taught business management and marketing for over fifteen years.

Embarking on a fifth career as a psychologist she made a successful transition into her own training and development business, Potential Unlimited, which continues to this day.
Since the year 2000 Barbara has focused almost exclusively on life-coaching programs for women assisting them design their future rather than get over the past.

Having worked through adversity herself, she assists women in creating visions and goals for ALL aspects of their lives, using solutions-focused coaching strategies that produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.

A Personal Approach to Coaching

As a psychologist and life coach I’m committed to helping people increase self-understanding, reduce suffering or resolve work life problems that lead to happier more productive lives. In reality it’s like seeing them choose the ideal destination for the most significant trip of their lives.

After they recognise and begin using their strengths the path becomes infinitely more clear, the obstacles more manageable, and their own journey much more enjoyable.

Throughout the process dreams come true, passions are aroused and life purpose becomes clearer. It’s like seeing them choose the ideal destination for the most significant trip of their lives.

The process is especially much more meaningful for me when I work with well-functioning clients who have experienced stressful life events or are struggling to cope with adversity. They may already have achieved a measure of success in their field but are experiencing a heartfelt longing for satisfying work life integration. Something in their life is missing.

When they learn how to recognise their unique strengths and discover the power within to harness their potential, their happiness is almost palpable. And they grow from strength to strength.

Because the life coaching process in particular is so contagious, I get to share in their feelings of joy and abundance. It is truly a most satisfying and richly rewarding occupation – and I feel blessed to be part of the process.

I have traded an ordinary and comfortable existence for an extraordinary and fulfilling calling that brings me immense joy and work life satisfaction. In fact, I’m living a dream that hardly seemed possible a decade ago.

When life coaching was almost an unknown in my field I become “The Virtual Coach”. And the dream continues!

After discovering the power of positive psychology – which focuses on what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong – I started combining mindfulness and character strengths practice helping clients overcome adversity and flourish. The results were amazing! And I have since practiced what I preach.

My character strengths include love of learning, creativity, appreciation of beauty and excellence, perspective and wisdom and the capacity to love and be loved. When I use these strengths in new ways with clients it becomes a two way process leading to personal transformation.

I welcome an opportunity to work with you to enhance success, wellbeing and happiness for enduring fulfilment.

If you have a dream it’s time to begin it now!

Barbara Miller
Psychologist (Nonpracticing)
Potential Unlimited